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Slowly following a pedestrian on a walk, creeping around the corner of grocery aisles, messaging strangers inappropriate messages on social media or following drivers home: all are forms of stalking, and it is vital that students know what to do if they are being stalked or harassed. As defined by the Indiana Criminal Code in the most recent book, stalking

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The grand gesture of promposals are light-hearted, fun, and just plain adorable. The proper promposal is by asking with what your significant other loves. “The key to promposals: make it something the person actually likes, not just you,” senior Trevor Rightor said.  “If you want to do a promposal, and want to be successful, then you should probably do something

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Freshman on Varsity Baseball

Hard work and determination is key to be successful in sports. Late nights, early mornings, and countless hours spent training all to play the game that they love. An athlete’s high school sport is what they have trained for, and gives them an opportunity to achieve their goals that they have worked so hard for. In order for athletes to

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Why Prom on a Friday

As spring rolls around every school year, there is excitement in the air. Students are on the home stretch of the school year, and many fun things are happening- one of them being Prom. But with Prom comes the stress and worry, and when Prom falls on a Friday many students find it troublesome. Administrators feel that for the students

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