Students Walk Out

Today many GHS students walked out of school.

They did not leave to get lunch or to escape their fourth period classes. They left to make a stand for what they believed in.

The event started out with the Pledge of the Allegiance. Afterward, junior Laila Stein introducing the purpose of the event using a megaphone.

“We are here today to make a stand,” Stein said. “We respect everyone’s opinions, but today our collective opinions will be heard as well as others in the nation.”

Seventeen students were selected each to hold a balloon to represent each of the victims of the Parkland shooting. One by one, the students released their balloons in the air and announced the name of each victim.

“When I looked up these victims names and their lives it made, it so real,” junior Kaetlyn Henry said.

Each student participating was respectful of the movement.

“I walked out because I think it is important for students to have a say in what their government is doing. I thought it was an amazing opportunity for us to show our First Amendment rights. I don’t think we should have to worry about not coming home from school. The school says it’s a safe place, so we should keep it that way,” junior Caroline Marot said.

Students are ready to step up.

“We can be the change, even if it’s a small start,” sophomore Sydney Cox said.

Stein left the students participating with a challenge.

“Let today be the day you talk to 17 new people and make 17 new friends. Because one of those 17 people could be thinking about some really bad things,” Stein said.

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