Thrifting challenge teaches students new values

90’s clothes do not find themselves.

Recently, Timberlines created a challenge for GHS students. Three students were to find the best outfit possible without spending more than $10. The thrift store of choice was Goodwill.

“Trying to find a cute outfit while staying in the budget was actually so fun,” junior Ava Hoffman said. “I really liked a shirt, but staying within the $10 budget was not going to happen, so I kept looking.”

Shouts of “ew” and “oh my gosh” could be heard alongside laughter throughout the entire store.

“I think the best part of the whole thing was seeing what we could find,” junior Lauren Battinau said. “We picked out a bunch of crazy clothes. Some could work, but some definitely could not.”

With low prices and daily sales, the students were able to spend less than $10 on their outfits.

“Most of the clothes were under $5,” junior Jackson Griesemer said. “I think my shirt and pants were both $4.49.”

Thrift shopping can be a quick adventure with the right attitude.

“I seriously found my outfit after looking for two minutes,” Battinau said. “I just found the skirt, and it made me want to go for the country concert look. That skirt led to my flannel.”

Students can find cheap clothing that can be used for schoolwear.

“I chose the 90’s shirt because I could wear it to school,” Griesemer said. “I wouldn’t wear it to a fancy event, but I would definitely wear it to a pep rally or something like that. I think the outfit I chose was the best because it’s vintage yet it’s pretty stylish.”

Hoffman said she will take the prize.

“I think my outfit was the best because it’s pretty versatile,” she said. “You can dress it up to be formal or dress it down to be more casual. I have to be careful, though, because if I wear it with the wrong things, then I will look more like a mom going to a New Year’s party.”

Battinau is ready for the country concert season.

“Like I said, I chose my outfit because I knew it would work perfectly for a country concert,” Battinau said. “I think if you throw a pair of cowboy boots on with the skirt and flannel, you will have the best outfit no doubt.

Saving money is the best aspect to some students.

“I like to go thrift shopping because it is so much cheaper than buying brand new clothes,” Griesemer said. “Plus, you can find styles that not everyone is wearing right now. I also think it’s best to go with friends because they can give you input on those styles.”

Goodwill shopping can also lead to finds that students would not expect.

“I tried on my jeans for my outfit, and inside the pocket was a Target nametag for Gretchen,” Hoffman said. “I’m not sure who she is, but I definitely kept the nametag. It’s cool that we went shopping for clothes but ended up finding goofy stuff like this.”

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