Marvel is superior to DC

The age old question: Marvel, or DC?

Though both have some positive attributes, Marvel is the clear winner. Through amazing plot lines and spectacular characters, Marvel never ceases to amaze me.

I hate every DC movie besides Wonder Woman, the only exception to my hatred. I find the characters lacking in morale and extremely whiny. In Batman v Superman I still struggle to find out why they were fighting in the first place and wheter they stopped fighting because their moms had the same name? The whole movie made no sense whatsoever, and I was extremely disappointed. I have no desire to watch the movie again to figure out what was actually going on either.

Marvel developed their characters before throwing them all together in one movie. Fans knew every character’s backstory, morals, and attitudes before going into a movie from the Avengers franchise. The Avengers fight with purpose. They have a common goal in mind. They fight and whine a little bit, but at least people who are watching actually know what is going on. It’s made Marvel movies more exciting since these characters have already been seen in action.

Honestly, Marvel being better than DC isn’t even an opinion; it’s fact. The first Avengers movie alone had way more box office sales than Justice League. The Avengers had a whopping $1.519 billion in box office sales, and Justice League had a measly $657.6 million in sales. Thor Ragnarok, which came out two weeks before Justice League, had box office sales of $853.5 million. I feel the numbers speak for themselves. On Rotten Tomatoes, Justice League has an average review of 5.3 out of 10, also known as, terrible. Black Panther, which was released Feb. 16, already has an 8.2 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes.

If I ever had to choose between the two franchises, I would not have to think twice.


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