Europe trip to excite and educate students

Students have an amazing opportunity to travel to Europe next year and feel the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Europe trip is a super fun way to venture out into other countries and learn more about their cultures.

“We’re going to be doing certain activities like riding bikes through the Olympic port in Barcelona. We get off, and you get to stick your feet in the Mediterranean,” Mindi Neiswanger, Spanish teacher and Europe trip coordinator, said.

The itinerary is set with plenty of fun, exciting experiences.

“We’re going to learn a traditional, popular game in France called boules, which is kind of like bocce ball and bowling put together,” Ms. Neiswanger said.

Sightseeing is, of course, something extremely enjoyable during the trip.

“When we’re in Italy, we’re going to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica,” Ms. Neiswanger said. “We get to skip all of the lines at these places and go straight in.”

There is no need to feel lost or worried, with a 24/7 tour manager who stays with the group at all times. The trip will immerse students in culture.

“My favorite parts are always these experiential learning opportunities,” Ms. Neiswanger said. “My favorites activites are where we get to do hands-on learning.”

This trip will be a great adventure for anyone who enjoys different cultures and experiencing them will certainly be in for a treat on the Europe trip. Contact Ms. Neiswanger for more details.

“We’re not just going to look at things; we’re going to do things,” Ms. Neiswanger said.

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