Students prepare for Spring Break

Students go to school Monday-Friday, and without something to break up the routine and relieve stress, life can seem monotonous.

When students prepare for Spring Break, they are ready to get out of the cold weather and day-to-day routines of their hometowns and escape to the warm weather of other places in the country, and at times out of it.

“I am going on a cruise that takes off from New Jersey and goes through the Bahamas,” junior Jackson Griesemer said. “We are flying to New Jersey. I prefer to fly because it is much faster and a more comfortable trip.”

Many people take a cruise over Spring Break as compared to staying in one specific place or hotel to experience new things.

“I am going on a cruise out of New Orleans going to Jamaica, Cazumel, and the Cayman Islands.” Junior Dylan Wheatley said. “I like going on a cruise to experience different cultures and see new things.”

There are some students who take the opportunity of Spring Break to get out of their area and even out of the country. Freshman Anna Cruser is going to Riviera Maya, Mexico.

“You can get exposed to more stuff there like the culture and food, and it’s just fun to be going somewhere different from everyone else,” Cruser said.

While many students go to Florida, there are some who go to different areas in the country, such as Alabama.

“I have always gone down to Gulf Shores since I was born,” said freshman Parker Jones. “It is a great environment and great place to stay. It helps to know where everything is in the town.”

Having a two week Spring Break, like Greenwood, is a luxury for students and their families to choose which week they would like to go.

“I prefer going first week because it gives me the whole second week to do what I want and spend more time with friends,” Wheatley said.

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