JJ only cries twice

After my painful yet eye opening experience, I have come to appreciate what women have to do to look good.

The pain was excruciating and I was in tears by the time I got out of there. Overall though the experience was great and I walked out of Eye Brows by Afraa with perfectly curved brows. I now know the true pain of what woman go through to look good. Whenever we started picking out our stories I knew the staff had something special for me. When the list of stories popped up I almost fell out of my seat whenever I saw what story my name was under.

I cringed at the thought of getting my eyebrows done. I either could get them waxed or threaded. I chose to get my eye brows threaded, and I still regret doing that. When I walked into the little shop my mother and I were greeted by a couple of ladies sitting at their desk waiting for costumers. The ladies were very nice and did a great job on my eyebrows. I’ll be honest thought I looked good afterwards, but the process was painful.

The pain was horrendous, and I was in tears by the time my eyebrows were finished. The lady told me to spread my eye so she could get the bottom part of my eyebrow. That was probably the hardest part because my tears flowed like a river, and I couldn’t hold open my eye, so my hands kept slipping. I could tell the lady was getting a little irritated because I was making it kind of difficult for her to work. The lady kept telling me to suck it up and that it won’t be too much longer, but I didn’t believe her.

After paying the lady for doing my eyebrows, I texted the staff immediately I get millions of responses asking for me to send them pictures. After sending a few, my phone exploded with people saying how beautiful I looked and asking me how it was. I told them it was the worst thing ever and I will never do that again. Mrs. Roberts told me that her daughter had just went to the same place and that that when she got her eyebrows done it didn’t hurt one bit, so basically she was calling me a crybaby.

Overall my experience at Afraas was great, and I highly recommend people to visit the little shop near Uncle Bill’s pet store. The cost was only $10 cash. Make sure to bring cash, because if you pay with a card, you will get charged an extra $1.

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