How to: stay safe on Spring Break

Spring Break starts tomorrow and probably the last thought on students’ minds is safety. The main focus is usually on bathing suits, the beach, and sun; however, it is crucial to keep in mind the dangers Spring Break has to offer.

Two weeks off of school sounds amazing and luxurious, but it can quickly take a turn for the worst. One of the most common dangers for people who travel long distances via car is driving there. It is important to rotate drivers every few hours in order to prevent reckless driving. Falling asleep at the wheel seems like an unlikely scenario but is actually common. Be sure to have at least one other person awake in the car to help the driver. If a driver begins to struggle a lot, then the safest option would be to rotate drivers.

Once students arrive at their destinations, they often go crazy and pay little attention to their surroundings. This is extremely dangerous, especially in unfamiliar places. Constantly take mental notes of the surroundings and people. Unfortunately, in today’s society it is safest to be suspicious of everyone. Even when taking a taxi or an Uber, be alert. If the driver gives off a creepy vibe, do not get in. When it comes to danger, it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is also crucial to be alert when taking out money because money can draw a lot of attention. The less money revealed, the better.

Although it is an unlikely scenario that a high school student will not have the opportunity to drink while on Spring Break, the safest option would be to mind the legal age to drink. This is not a difficult task; it just takes responsibility and good choices. That being said, be mindful of what gets served because even if it is not wanted, it could be an alcoholic beverage. It is also vital that drinks are never accepted from strangers. Take into consideration that others might not be responsible and will stoop low enough to underage drink. Be mindful of how sober drivers are as well as friends.

Most of the time Spring Break trips involve a lot of time in the sun. Hundreds of pale students run to the beach, but forget to apply any sunscreen. This Day One mistake will not only ruin the rest of the trip, but it is also extremely bad for skin. It is extremely easy to get overheated, so be sure there is always drinking water around.

Before leaving Greenwood decide what the personal boundaries are going to be. It is easy to be persuaded into activities to be regretted later when in an unknown place with many unknown people. It is important to keep in mind to not let anyone’s choices be an influence; however, it is also crucial not to be the persuasive one. Before doing anything, be sure to confirm consent as well as respect all decisions. Consent is extremely vital to get in order to avoid any backlash from the other person. Overall, the main point is not to do anything that is not wanted. Do not believe the hype about society’s current hook-up culture. There are many people who participate in it, but there are also many people who do not. Be safe and smart.

Spring Break can quickly make a school year one to remember, but it can also break it just as fast. It is important to keep a guard up, embrace the buddy-system with a trustworthy friend, and stay connected.

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