GHS Prom presents: “Cutloose”

Prom: the night the whole school comes together on one floor and dances without judgment.

Many tend to focus on making appointments, purchasing dresses, but push those details to the side. Information that is important to know include time and the location.Prom is at the Bitwell, which is downtown. It will start at 7 p.m. and end at 11 p.m. Time is always crucial when planning out prom. There needs to be enough time for photos before, but not too much time which results in just sitting around. Eating is also important; dinner is only served at Prom every other year, and this is the year. The food is based off of the Prom theme. After seeing the interior of the Bitwell, the Prom committee decided on a Footloose theme called “Cutloose.”

“Dinner will play along with the theme of Cutloose, so there will be more country styled foods served,” junior Cole Mahan said.

Prom ticket prices have not yet been determined; however, the committee wants to make them as low as possible.

“We are not sure of an exact price, but the Post Prom Committee raised a lot of money in their fundraisers to help lower the prices,” junior Lawson Roberts said.

To help students with the cost and ensure safety, the committee chose a location that provides free parking. Sticking with the tradition of many years, there will be a Post Prom. The Post Prom Committee has held many fundraisers, including Jeans Days for teaches and a Coach Purse Bingo night to help pay for the trip. The committee has raised enough money to provide buses for students.

“There is a post Prom this year; it will be at King’s Island,” junior Abby Jones said.

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