Armed Teachers

Students are huddled together in a dark classroom, crying silently as a figure with a rifle breaks into the room. The door swings open violently, and the nose of a gun pokes out from behind the wood. The shooter is in. But a shot rings out, and it is not from the door. The teacher has pulled the trigger, and the threat is down.

The latest school shooting has put the country on edge, causing many ideas to remedy this situation to be thrown into the ring. One idea has been to arm teachers. This is a viable option in decreasing the number of fatalities in school shootings and possibly stopping school shootings in general.

When a shooting occurs in a school (or anywhere), the police are notified, and security is sent to control the situation to save as many lives as possible. But what if the security detail is not close to the shooter? Or worse, what if the shooter takes the security officer or officers down? The shooter basically would be free to shoot or kill until the police arrived. However, if an armed teacher were to be in the vicinity, the shooter would be stopped.

Armed teachers would be valued not just in an offensive sense; an armed teacher could defend his or her students from a threat. In a dangerous situation, a teacher stays with the students both in the classroom and the hallways. If a teacher were to be carrying a firearm, he or she could move and defend students as they go down the hallway and safely outside.

Supporting this decision does not mean we must shove a gun into the hands of every teacher. If they received a simple firearm operation and safety course, they could be much smarter and more effective in a violent situation. Knowing how to act, react and operate a firearm can mean saving the lives of multiple students.

There are many worries surrounding having guns in the classroom, such as students getting to the guns or teachers potentially harming students. However, if the firearm were in a secure safe whose location is unknown to the students, then the teacher would simply unlock it at the appropriate time. Regarding teachers, if the school were to simply screen their applicants at the same level as they do now, there would be no problems with teacher-student safety.

Giving teachers access to a firearm is an option that should be considered. If teachers can simply be safe and discreet with their weapons, they could protect the lives of many students.




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