Spring Season Previews


Preparation. Intense training. Pushing athletes bodies to the absolute maximum so they will be ready for the battles they are about to face, the battles that are so familiar to them and what they thrive for in their off season. This is spring training.

Attitude is key in performing.

“I tend to push my athletes with good attitudes harder,” Coach Joseph Mushrush said. “Because I know they can handle it and that they will approach it in the right way.”

Having the right attitude is necessary for a successful season.

“I want my team to go through the season with a determined attitude,” sophomore Dominique Proctor catcher said. “ I want to see us come together on and off the field since we have to work hard for our wins.”

It is crucial for athletes to treat their bodies right during their seasons.

“I definitely need a lot of sleep,”  senior Ethan Pine Wabash College recruit and Greenwood’s 1600 and 800 meter runner, senior Ethan Pine. “ I need to stay hydrated and make sure I’m taking in the right amount of calories.”

Making sure athletes fuel their bodies correctly and make sure they stay healthy throughout the season.

“I try to build up muscle by drinking protein shakes,” Proctor said. “This also helps me prevent injuries that can occur throughout the season.”

Athletes need to make sure that they listen to their bodies and rest up for season.

“There is a lot of wear and tear on your body throughout the season,”sophomore Peyton Newman third baseman. “I regularly check in with Liz, the athletic trainer, to ice my arm and make sure it’s good to go every day.”

Goals are set high for the 2018 spring seasons.

“I want to break the schools 1600 meter, and hopefully break the county’s record as well,” Pine said.

Excitement creeps among the spring athletics as their season becomes closer and closer.

“I am excited to how much we have grown as a team from last year,” Newman said. “We have done a lot of preseason workouts getting ready for the season, and I’m excited to see how it pays off.”

A team that can bond together will find success.

“I think that it is extremely important for a team to have a bond,” freshman Bekah Ebeyer tennis player. “ With it being the first time I am excited to see how well we work together.”

Not only are athletes excited, but coaches are eager to see how their season turns out as well.

“I am excited to see our progression from last year, and to see the awesome performances that some of the athletes have in store,” Mushrush said.


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