Mrs. Curl opens

A community is made up of all sorts of major franchises, small businesses, and mom and pop shops. These places do not naturally become part of the community, however, unless the townspeople make it their own. That is exactly what Greenwood has done with Mrs. Curl.

Mrs. Curl, which is located on S Meridian Street by the new Greenwood police station,  has provided an environment where teens can hang out with their friends.

“Mrs. Curl is a very fun place to go,” sophomore Krista Lackray said. “A lot of people my age go there and hang out.”

It is not only an enjoyable place for customers but for employees as well.

“All the employees are super close at Mrs. Curl,”  Mrs. Curl employee, Olivia Allen Mrs. Curl employee said. “We all go on trips and hang out with each other outside of work, which makes work a lot more enjoyable.”

“Mrs. Curl was a very interesting ice cream shop that is not available back in my country,” Denisa Raucan, Romanian foreign exchange student said. “It is a very American place to go. Back in Romania we do not have an ice cream shop with a creek that I can feed ducks at.”

Mrs. Curl provides an atmosphere that  is irreplaceable.

“I have a really fun time working at Mrs. Curl,” Allen said. “I have a really great boss, pays well, and the girls I work with and I are super close.”

The ice cream has to be the best part

“ Personally I like the marshmallow shake the best, but they have so many options to choose from.” Krista Lackray said.

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