D.C. Comics has its merits

It’s the ultimate question: DC or Marvel? It’s a tough choice, but before anyone goes on a rant on how much Marvel is better, just take a look at DC’s record.

Putting DC’s diverse and still ongoing record of comics aside, DC’s early television presence built the childhoods of the last two generations. The original Superman and Batman serials were loved and cherished by our grandparents, no matter how cheesy they may be. As for our generation, show me one person who has not spent a Saturday morning parked in front of the television screen, watching the Justice League smack around some aliens. Cartoons like Batman and Justice League molded us during childhood into superhero-loving fans.

DC is doing marvelously when it comes to television series that attract and hold fans’ attention with rich story lines and glorious crossovers. Some prime examples are Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Gotham. When it comes to television, DC and Marvel have the same texture in terms of varying elements of dark drama, light comedy, and engaging action. However, DC seems to have an edge when it comes to roots, having its first television program airing in 1952.

DC’s movie reputation has had its ups and downs, but on the whole, it has delivered films that are epic, well-directed, and just plain fun. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight captivated audiences with the dramatic reincarnation of Batman and new takes on villains like Scarecrow and The Joker. The Joker’s dark reincarnation played by Heath Ledger scared and mesmerized fans and showed DC’s imagination. Its various Superman titles had its hits and misses, but it shaped the Superman character as a man who was deeper than he seemed. I do not need to remind audiences how fun of a ride Suicide Squad was when it hit the theaters.

Movies like RED and V for Vendetta showed audiences that DC could make captivating movies based on lesser known titles. Other hits involve DC’s influence, such as the Batman character appearing in films like The LEGO Movie, and The LEGO Batman Movie.

Yes, Marvel is valued for its quality movies and wide array of shows, but DC should not be counted out. DC has had its ups and downs in movies, but it is just as good as Marvel in the television industry. When the hammer meets the nail, the edge of DC comes from its deep roots that build fan bases over multiple generations.


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