Zumba; JJ drops and shakes it

When I first walked into the cafeteria preparing to embarrass myself and also work up a sweat, I faced my greatest fear. I was the only guy participating in Zumba. As we got ready to do our warm up dance. I was cringing at the thought of me doing this and wondering how the heck I got myself into this situation. I then come to realize that I was the one that decided to take this story. I utterly regretted my decision in taking this story and wanted to drop out and make the story into a regular one and just get interviews instead of actually writing an experience story and having to participate. The entire time I was hoping a guy would walk in. I didn’t even care if I knew him. I just wanted another person of the same gender to walk in and start dancing too.

I saw some other guys walking and hoped they would be coming into save me from my embarrassment, but they did not. We started off dancing to some slow kind of upbeat music. The movements were kind of embarrassing, but I got used to them and, honestly, I started to enjoy myself. As the music picked up, we started getting into more salsa dancing, and the dances started to get more and more erotic, I’ll be honest. I was not a fan of shaking my butt and dropping low to the floor, because it kind of hurt when I did those movements. Once I started getting used to the dances, I actually started really getting into the songs. I didn’t worry about what people thought about, even though my friend, Bridget, was sitting on the sidelines taking pictures laughing her butt off at the way I was dancing. Overall, I had a great time and really enjoyed dancing with the girls.

Zumba was about an hour long, and I worked up more of sweat dancing with the girls than playing basketball with the team. Lanie Leininger did an amazing job leading us through different dances and erotic movements. I actually started getting into the dancing, and let’s be honest here, I’m not the best dancer, but luckily no one there judged me.

When I went to Zumba, I saw that all girls really loved to dance and that most of them didn’t care if they messed up or looked good. They were all there to have fun and enjoy getting fit while dancing with their friends. Once I got into it, I started not to care whether I was embarrassing myself or not. The only thing that mattered was that I was having a great time dancing and getting to meet some really nice people.

Zumba class takes place once a week on Thursday after school at 2:45. The cost is free and everyone is welcome to come and dance and get in shape. You should be prepared to break a sweat and make sure to bring a pair of shorts and a workout shirt, tank tops or anything that you can sweat in will work. I on the other wore basketball shorts and a work out shirt. The class last about an hour ending at 3:45. The class starts at 2:45 by warming up and just getting into the movements. Most of the songs last about 4-5 minutes and the whole you will be doing different types of dances and just moving your body in erotic ways. The playlist we danced too consisted a lot of Latin music and maybe a few pop songs. Towards the end of the class the moves are getting faster and I am about to pass out. Not from working so hard, but from my mental state of mind being worn out from the embarrassment. At the end of the class we did a cool down dance and finally I was done. Embarrassed out of my mind and wanting to get out of there and not talk to anybody, but I stuck around and talk to the girls a little bit and asked them how they liked the class. After talking to some of the girls. I thanked the girls for having me and was on my way. Overall Zumba was amazing and again, big props to Lanie Leininger for doing an amazing job leading and I am glad that I went to Zumba. I would definitely consider kids to go and try it out and if you get lucky you might see me there.


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