Wrestlers finish season in semi-state

A whistle begins and ends wrestling careers.

The wrestling team concluded their season at Semi-State on Feb 10. Some thought the boys could have went farther but were able to appreciate at their accomplishments.

“Although my season and my team’s season didn’t go as far as we had wished for, overall, it went well, and we had some great achievements this year,” senior Jacob Schrader said.

Those accomplishments include record breaking careers.

“Both myself and Keeghan Overton reaching the top of the all-time pin record, which I now hold. Keeghan was able to get passed 100 career wins early on in the year, which is a great thing for him to have under his belt,” Schrader said.

The younger wrestlers are able to see themselves achieve their goals.

“My season was great,” junior Juron Franklin said. “It was a big improvement from last year. Being County champion and runner up in Conference are just a few improvements this season.”

Not every wrestler was able to compete as much as they hoped. Those who could not were able to help coach their fellow teammates and watch their team get better.

“I grew as a wrestler this year by learning from my mistakes even with a bad leg,” junior Miguel Partida said. “I feel we pushed through a lot of our difficulties and trying to reach our potential. I only lost to some of my biggest opponents by one or two points, so I can see our achievements in action.”

The wrestling team does not think of themselves as a team. They are family. They are brothers.

“Of course, whenever you don’t accomplish every goal, you feel you could do better,” senior Keeghan Overton said. “We did improve as brothers. We set a goal for three historical goals, three personal goals, and three goals for us as a whole. We accomplished every one, and that led to us coming out with three champs, and all but two placed. The seniors are very proud of our guys.”
That family will be losing their leaders this year.

“Honestly, it’s sad to have to walk away, but I know that the team is ready,” Schrader said. “They’re young, talented, and they’re in great hands with the coaching staff and the leaders that will rise next year.”

Those leaders understand their roles and have begun to embrace the responsibility.

“We’re lucky to have a young team,” Franklin said. “Nick Willham, Jake Stover, and I will be the seniors next year. We’re going to need to use our leadership together if we want to lead our team to greatness throughout the season next year.”

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