Williams starts All Pro Dads chapter


One of the most important and sometimes overlooked relationships for a teenager is that of father and child.
To improve and highlight this relationship, Mr. Blaine Williams, English teacher and coach, has established an All Pro Dad chapter at GHS, where students have breakfast and enjoy time with their fathers or father figures once a month. Each meeting may focus on a particular discussion topic, too. The organization’s goal is to improve relationships among men and their families, including spouses and children.
“It’s a pretty simple group. We get together and have breakfast. The whole goal of it is for dads and their kids to spend some time together,” Mr. Williams said.
As he recognizes the distance that grows between kids and their dads as children grow up, Mr. Williams plans to help bridge that gap.
“I think – we talked about this a little bit – at the elementary level, kids are still excited to bring their dads to school and hang out with them and have meals with them,” Mr. Williams said. “I think in high school, it’s a little uncool maybe to hang out with your dad or come to school with your dad,”
One of the attendees was junior Haley Pritchett and her dad, Assistant Superintendent Todd Pritchett.
“Mr. Williams emailed my dad. He was emailing parents he knew in the corporation to try to get it started that way,” Pritchett said.
Mr. William’s meeting reached beyond the school corporation.
“I wanted to feel closer to my stepdad. It’s not that I didn’t like him; it’s just that we seemed distant so it seemed like a good opportunity to bond,” senior Brody Coil said.
The first meeting was relaxed and introduced new, positive conversation topics to those who attended.
“We ate Chick-fil-a and talked about what we were the most proud about with our dads. Then, we discussed how to inform more people about it at school,” Coil said.
Mr. Williams’ outlook for the group is optimistic.
“I think it’s just something that is really positive, and as we continue to grow it, I think we will gear the meetings more towards a topic each month,” he said.
So far, the chapter had five dad-teenager pairs at the first meeting as well as a positive reflection from students afterward who were able to spend quality time with their fathers. Their second meeting took place yesterday.
“I like the idea of improving my relationship with my dad,” Pritchett said. “We already have a really solid relationship, and I like spending time with him so any excuse to do that, I’m ready to.”
The next All Pro Dad meeting has yet to be scheduled, but information will be released soon.
Student and parents interested in the All Pro Dad Club can contact Mr. Williams at 317-889-4000 ext. 3156 or email him at bwilliams@gws.k12.in.us

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