Study sessions introduced during PowerHour this semester


This January, students entered second semester with a brand new addition to Power Hour: tutoring sessions for kids who failed.

The new addition serves as a sort of PowerHour detention for students but with more academic benefits.

“What we decided for second semester is any student who had three or more Fs, we are going to require them to have a mandatory PowerHour study session,” Mrs. Karen Busch, assistant principal, said.

This arrangement it provides students with the opportunity to get help with their classes, while also holding them accountable.

“From when we had discussions last year to when we spoke to students this year, it was repeatedly said that PowerHour is a privilege,” Mr. Craig Bruns, assistant principal, said.  “The PowerHour idea is a privilege for the students to take care of academic business.”

This new alternative was introduced to fix some problems of years past, while also providing new goals for the school.

“The goals are for students to realize how important it is to take advantage of that time and then for them to see that if they take advantage of this time in a positive productive fashion to see how that translates them to succeeding in the classroom,” Mr. Bruns said.

We may only be two months into the second semester, but improvements are already being noticed by the administration and teachers.

“I started with a few, and at midterm I am going to graduate three of them out,” Mrs. Busch said.  “They have kept their grades up.”

One question being asked, however, is if the changes will be overall beneficial to the school community.

“I can see what they are trying to do, but the students that they have made this change for might not appreciate it or utilize it as much as they are intended,” junior Evan Chandler said.

The second semester of the school year only provides as a sort of beta test for this new addition, but changes can always be made to the system.

“We were going to wait until the end of the year to see how the teachers liked it,” Mrs. Busch said.  “I would like to give an end-of-the-year little survey maybe to the students.”

The new idea may have been brought up by the administration, but ultimately it seems that reception is what will decide if it will stay or be eradicated.

“It’s not us making those decisions,” Mrs. Busch said.  “I think it has to be students and teachers because that is what the whole idea of PowerHour affects.”

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