Fortnite: Boys vs. girls

Young or old, teenage or grown up, the world is in love with a game called Fortnite.

 Fortnite is a video game that has just recently been released and broken into the world of video game frequenters as well as casual gamers. In a 100 person game, the player drops into the game map and searches for weapons to defeat opponents while also avoiding a lethal storm, which grows smaller as the game progresses.

“I’ve played it since the game came out and loved it since,” junior Trent Rains said. “I play at least a game a day and most of the time win at least once a day, too.”

The fact that the game is free brought people in.

“I first downloaded the game because it was free and I saw some people posting it on their Snapchat story that they won,” junior Holden Clancy said.

The feeling of success after seeing the winning screen with “Victory Royale” bannered across the top keeps people playing.

“At first I thought the game was kind of boring and didn’t get why people played it so much, but after I won for the first time, it became way more fun and I think that’s why everyone makes it such a big deal when they win,” Clancy said.

The game creators, Epic Games, updates Fortnite nearly every week, adding new weapons and aspects to keep players interested.

“The free for all aspect is really what makes the game great, and the fact that everyone plays makes it a very fun game,” senior Conner Battinau said. “As long as they keep updating and improving it, it will be here to stay.”

Some find the game exciting and that is what draws them toward the game when they need entertainment.

“The feeling when you win is just different from winning in other video games, and when you get close to winning but lose at the end it makes people want to play another game and another one after that. It’s like a trap,” Clancy said.

While the guys obsess over the game, certain girls and girlfriends have different opinions.

“I don’t think that it is all it’s hyped up to be. It’s the same thing over and over and you don’t move up to different levels or anything of that sort,” junior Lauren Battinau said. “You just keep trying to be the last one alive and I don’t think that’s very fun.”

Their disapproval of the game could stem from their boyfriends’ constant play of the game.

“He plays all the time,” Lauren Battinau said. “Sometimes, we will not hang out because he is playing it.”

Others have their own reasons for dislike.

“I’d expect it to be a game my middle school brother would play,” junior Gabi Oakes said. “Not guys in high school. I think the game is dumb and immature.”

Every game has its popularity life, so there’s no telling how long it will stick.

“Seeing boys in my family play games has showed me that this game won’t last long,” Oakes said. “A new game will come out and make people forget about Fortnite.”

Some may think the game is only a wave, but players hope it lasts awhile.

“I think it is here to stay because new things get added every other week, and the game creators really care about their players,” Rains said.

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