Black Panther Review

When T’Challa’s father is murdered, T’Challa must rise up. He must take over Wakanda. He must be king. He must become: the Black Panther

Black Panther is a cinematic masterpiece. Through its vibrant colors, plot line, and amazing production, I was captivated from start to finish.

After the death of King T’Chaka in Civil War, T’Challa, T’Chaka’s son, is next in line for the throne. Along with the throne comes many responsibilities, but for a Wakandan king, there is one more added to the list. The powers of the Black Panther are passed on to T’Challa. T’Challa’s transition into king isn’t as smooth as previous kings. Someone from Wakanda’s past rises up and tries to take over Wakanda. As a hater of spoilers myself, I’ll leave the plot line at that.

With colorful clothing and a breathtaking setting, Black Panther certainly had it all. Costuming was amazing. It was an incredible mix of traditional African tribal clothing paired with modern styles. The colors of the clothing were stunning and eye-catching, making the characters even more striking. The whole setting made me want to move to Wakanda. A huge waterfall is pictured in a few scenes, and it certainly made my jaw drop. It was beautiful. I was in awe of the architecture of Wakanda and the gorgeous technology.

The camera angles during the whole movie were fantastic. Aerial views captured the spectacular sight of Wakanda. Viewers could always fully see the fight scenes, and it felt like I was actually there. The scenes flowed well without a sharp transition, and every angle was flattering for the characters.

This movie is definitely one of my favorite movies. It was full of quick one liners that would catch you off guard, and I love those. There were deep, profound questions asked in the movie that caused me to think about what I believe. I am usually quick to correctly predict what will happen later on in any story, but in Black Panther there were a few twists I did not see coming. I would give the movie a solid nine out of ten. I did not feel extremely emotionally attached to the characters, but they were still full of charisma and wit. Black Panther is probably my third favorite Marvel Universe movie, the top two spots taken by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Captain America: The First Avengers. I get easily annoyed with the Avengers because they can get whiny. The characters certainly have more unity in Black Panther, and I am grateful for the fresh, new characters introduced into the Marvel franchise. Marvel certainly did not disappoint with this movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of action and adventure.

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