Boys basketball team takes it to Sectionals

“One suicide under 30 seconds.” “Two people did not touch the third line, do it again.” “Again.” “Again.” The boys basketball team has been powering through tough conditioning since November all for this moment: Sectionals.

Seasons do not always work out, but the Woodmen have learned from their mistakes and are ready to face Sectionals.

“I think the season has been less successful than we would’ve hope,” senior Eric Moenkhaus, guard, said. “I am not happy at all with the way I’ve played this season. I am getting better on defense every week, but offensively I am not being as efficient as I need to be.”

Senior Conner Battinau, forward, agreed in the sense that improvement can be made every day.

“I think we have improved and made some big strides, with that being said, there is still a lot of room for improvement,” Battinau said. “I have improved and have played my role to the best of my ability and tried to help out in every aspect.”

Although the team has not won as many games during season as they have hoped, many of the Woodmen can confidently say that the new coach has improved certain aspects of their game.

“The new coach is tough; he gets on us a lot, especially on defense,” Moenkhaus said. “That is great, though, because we all have improved noticeably this year on defense. I think he knows a lot about the game and has good basketball knowledge.”

Battinau has also noticed the improvement that has come from the new coach.

“Coach Bradburn has been a great coach as well as a mentor this season,” Battinau said. “He always has our best interest, and I think he will be great in years to come for the woodmen.”

The Woodmen have bettered their skills but still expect to run into obstacles at Sectionals.

“I think our biggest obstacle is ourselves,” senior Braydon Kincaid, guard, said. “In most games, we have lost we have hurt ourselves more than the other team has.”

Moenkhaus and Battinau both agreed that the biggest obstacle for the team will be the opponent.

“Our biggest obstacle is most definitely Center Grove,” Moenkhaus said. “They are one of the top teams in the state and are really good.”

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