Wilham balances sports seasons

The school year has featured many successful sports seasons, and one of the recurring stars has been junior Nick Wilham. A surprise star in football and a phenomenal wrestling season have given Wilham the spotlight.

Wilham has shown leaps and bounds of improvement in sports in his high school career, nowhere more evident than on the wrestling team.

“Nick has made a huge commitment after his freshmen year where his record was well below .500,” Coach Jay Yates said. “He has improved dramatically since then.”

This winter in wrestling, Wilham has been valuable to his team in wrestling and that has allowed his coaches to rely on him to get much needed victories.

“Nick’s been very important, and he’s someone that we can rely on to get wins in dual meets and in tournaments,” Coach Yates said.

In the fall, when injuries had overtaken the Woodmen football team, Wilham had to step into the running back spot and be the guy.

“We saw what Nick could do as a sophomore at Whiteland and got even better as this season went on,” Coach Mike Campbell said.

Wilham has many great attributes as a runner, and Coach Campbell elaborated on those. One of his greatest skills have earned him a nickname.

“His patience. He has abilities to see blocks and find holes,” said Coach Campbell, “I call him slippery back. He’s slippery as a runner. The tacklers slip right off of him.”

Wilham has had a lot of great people to watch and emulate his running style after, and fans saw that in action this season.

“I just worked hard in practice and tried to follow in the footsteps of some of the other great runners I’d seen go through Greenwood and play professionally,” Wilham said. “I thought those skills had helped those players succeed, they could help me.”

For all of the success Wilham has had this season and will soon have in track during the spring, he has greater aspirations for next season.

“For track season, I just want to be able to help my team with relays. In football, I want to improve my speed for next season, and I want to see my work payoff and win State in wrestling,” Wilham said.





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