Vaping has become a real problem

A kid is sitting at home on his laptop, working on one of many projects for school.  His mind cannot seem to concentrate on his work, so he makes a decision to reach for the JUUL plugged into the USB port.

Vaping used to be an outspoken trend in the world.  Anyone comparing vaping from 2015 to 2012, would see that that the percentage of people who vaped between those two years are significantly different.  In fact, research showed that in 2012 roughly 2.5% of high schoolers vaped.  In 2015, the percentage increased to about 17.5%.  The difference is probably even greater due to vape mods being more costly then than they are today.  Even if vaping was not a popular thing years ago, people cannot deny that vaping is a big trend.

The biggest problem with vaping at the moment is the fact that many of its users are under aged.  In 2015, the CDC reported that 4.7 million middle and high school students used tobacco products 30 days prior to the study conducted.  Out of that population, vaping was the most popular option with 3 million users.  The law states that electric cigarettes cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.  This law puts electronic cigarettes in the same category as traditional cigarettes.

Vaping laws are not being followed.  I have a lot of friends who vape, and while most are the legal age to vape.  There are still the ones who are 15 and 16.  In fact, it is so easy to walk into a vape shop and get an electronic cigarette.  Some of these shops will verify age, but others will provide service after simply asking customers if they are 18.

One other major issue is the fact that the electronic cigarettes themselves have not been tested fully to check the amount of harmful chemicals in them.  Electronic cigarettes have two types of liquids that users can smoke.  There is one type that is nicotine free and another that includes nicotine at varying levels.  Due to these two types of liquid, many people believe that just because one type does not have any nicotine in it there are no harmful ingredients at all.  While this has not been proven to be the case, the counter theory has also not been proven true.  This is due to the electronic cigarettes are not receiving all of the right tests to truly prove they are beneficial or malevolent.  While more tests are being done to make the distinction black and white rather than gray, teen are still using these devices at a rapidly increasing pace.

Vaping is a problem in our society, especially with under aged users.  The more that this trend keeps up, the more damage it can do to our overall generation’s health.

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