U.S. faces unity problems- Staff Editorial

It seems that “we the people” no longer applies to the US.

Every citizen of the United States has the right to practice the religion of their choice, bear arms, speak their minds without repercussions and vote for leaders to run the country. But, it seems in recent years that many Americans are no longer using their freedoms for positive change; they choose to discriminate, threaten and even physically harm other Americans. Many citizens live their lives as if others are out to get them. This causes those same citizens to strike first, creating a vicious cycle. These states are no longer united.

On Jan. 22, a student walked into a Texas high school and fired a handgun. On Oct 21, 2017, a gunman fired into a crowd during a concert in Las Vegas. On June 12, 2016, a man walked into an Orlando nightclub and fired a weapon. These statistics are persuading not for pro- or anti-gun control laws. These statistics show America is no longer a connected front. It is every man for himself.

Feminist, Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ Pride organizations were started because their members felt they were not being treated equal in the land of equality. While Timberlines appreciates the passion for their causes, we are upset that large problems caused these organizations to form in the first place.

These problems are also pervasive in American politics. Political parties dominate the American viewpoint. Government can no longer agree on many aspects because of political parties. Government funding was recently closed because political leaders could not agree. A large part of California wants to split and create “New California” because of differences in views. Once again, Timberlines loves the fact that these groups are using their rights to create change, but we also see that this change is too often for personal gain. This focus on “me first” is what splits us into many groups.

Timberlines wants America to reunite. Citizens must push past selfish motivations and paranoia. The U.S. was founded on change, but we were founded as a united front for positive change.

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