How to: stay motivated for Semester 2

The term “senioritis” is extremely well-known in the world of students. Senioritis is the supposed affliction of students in their final years of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation; however, an epidemic that often affects the whole school is “second semester-itis.”

Many people enjoy the cold during the holidays and wish for a white Christmas; however, as soon as the holiday is over, they often long for sunny, spring weather. The bitter cold combined with returning to school quickly after New Year’s Eve diminishes most students’ will to learn. A study at Cornell University has even proven that the colder it is, the less productive a person is.

In order to get through second semester-itis, a student must set attainable goals. There is little motivation at the start of Semester 2, but even less when a student does not have at least one goal to work towards. When thinking of goals, it is important to take into consideration what is actually attainable. The one thing worse than not having a goal is creating a goal impossible to reach. If this happens, it will cause a feeling of being stuck in a constant loop with no progress.

It is crucial to be a studious student, but everyone needs free time. When planning goals, be sure to carve out free time. Along with the free time, find some type of social support network. Working and studying constantly is never healthy and will eventually cause more stress. Getting distracted by fun activities or friends will create a healthy balance between a student’s personal life and school life.

There must be a plan in order to reach goals. Scheduling study times along with setting rewards will make goals that much easier to reach. Study schedules help when there is a lack of motivation in school because they force students to study whether they want to or not. Having a schedule can be tedious and annoying, but it will become easier if rewards are given. Even if a schedule is made, it never hurts to work ahead. People can be more motivated on certain days or for certain reasons; therefore, it is beneficial to take advantage of those times and get work done.

Second semester-itis usually hurts grades and makes the final two nine-week periods of the school year seem to last five times longer. It is crucial to stay motivated.

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