Finding the perfect dress for cheap

Blood, sweat and tears go into buying a prom dress.

Many girls have dreamt of their Prom dresses for years, but when shopping actually rolls around, it is not quite a dream. Either the dress does not fit just right, there are not enough rhinestones, or, in most cases, it costs $700. Tears are shed over the words “I am not spending that much on a dress you’ll wear once.”

Fear not because finding the perfect Prom dress can be done without having to sell everything you own on eBay.

One alternate way to shop is to keep an eye out on social media. After the new year hits, ladies advertise their previous Prom dresses to buy. Instagram and Snapchat stories are filled with photos showing dresses with contact information attached. The new Facebook update has a Marketplace tab that mimics the concept of eBay. Anybody can upload a sale for easy access. Instagram also has a Discover Page that will display some posts people that you may not follow but have mutual friends with, and many times Prom sales will appear. Utilizing these social media platforms is an effective way to buy a reasonably priced Prom dress, new or used.

If nonchalantly browsing does not get the job done, Prom dress shoppers can kick it into high gear behind the phone screen. They might find themselves on their mom’s friend’s brother-in-law’s daughter’s Facebook page, but it is for a good cause. Prom goers will be experts at “sliding into the DMs” after contacting mere strangers about a dress.

Shoppers may be able to find a dress with potential and pay for alterations to transform it into a nearly new one for cheaper than retail price. This is a way to be a personal designer and bargain shopper all in one.

Whatever path Prom shoppers take, it is important to know what they are looking for. Pinterest, Dote and Wanelo are all apps made specifically for finding inspiration. It is wise to utilize these apps to set expectations. Having inspiration makes shopping a mission rather than a stress fest.

The purpose of Prom is to be enjoyable, and that can become a reality with less dress shopping stress.

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