Wonder considered must-see

think there should be a rule that everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives.” Wonder can be described as just this.
Last week, I took my younger brother to see this film, and it was worth every dollar. While I have not read the novel, I loved this movie. This film starred young Jacob Tremblay, stern Julia Roberts, and hilarious Owen Wilson. This trio was an amazing fit and felt like a real family. There is also a loving sister played by Izabela Vidovic. I could feel the connection between these actors. It made me feel as if I was watching a real family’s struggles. I also slightly wish I had someone like Auggie’s father in my life. He brought a comical outlook to every situation.
The cast was excellent inside the family setting, but as a person who speaks with fifth graders daily, I felt the child actors in the school were sub-par and unrealistic. They were much more mature than most students are now, and every line seemed extremely scripted. Students just dont talk to eachother like they do in Wonder
The film begins as Auggie Pullman, a brilliant fifth grader with a facial deformity, begins his first year of public school. He faces difficulties with making friends and fitting in. This film inspired feelings that can only be replicated by seeing the movie. It tackles many difficult problems from self-image to social classes to love.
Through the film, viewers see Auggie’s story through multiple viewpoints. Viewers see through his eyes, his family’s, and even friends’ lives. Because of this, I was able to see the same situation from many different sides, eventually causing me to relate to Auggie’s sister Via more than I could relate to Auggie.
She deals with the same problems that most average high schoolers do, while Auggie is a very specialized instance. She lives with a needy younger brother, a fading friend, and a terrifying experience. Because I am in her position now, I could understand her difficulties. This made the film much closer to heart. Auggie and Via were very different in the lives they live.
The storyline of the film was well written. It did not jump from one place to another. It was very easy to follow. While the child actors were fairly cheesy, the plot line seemed fairly realistic. Genetic disorders do happen, kids leave homeschooling at the start of middle school, and students say things that hurt other students. The plot line was very relatable and left me with a warm, happy feeling when it was over.
The only problem I had with this film was that the ending seemed to drag on and on. I felt the movie could have ended in many different places, but continued to play. I also felt this way about Forrest Gump, and most see that as the greatest movie ever made. The ending of Wonder was less climactic than I expected. I had decided before the movie had started that Auggie’s story would end with him looking into the sunset with his new best buds. While this does happen in the movie, it is not the end.
This movie is a must-see for any age, gender, or background. With all of the hate that is being spread in the world, everyone should take the 117 minutes to see this film. It spreads positivity, acceptance, and trust. Not only will it change how viewers understand others, it changes how viewers see themselves.
Wonder can be viewed at Regal 14, AMC 17 and UA Circle Centre 9 today.

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