Student body loves Mrs. Reynolds

Superheroes aren’t real. At least, most of the time.
Recently, Mrs. Julia Reynolds began an in-school coffee shop. She also runs the IMC, holds The Woodmen Way communications class, leads a library media elective, coaches the English Academic Team and speaks to each student in the school about books she enjoys through book talks.
The Nook is a new feature held in the IMC on Fridays introduced by Mrs. Reynolds. She runs a coffee stand and allows students to enjoy an inexpensive cup of coffee during the day to relieve stress and help them power through the school day. Mrs. Reynolds does not get paid any more to run the Nook but uses it to bring new students into the IMC.
The IMC is a calm setting that allows students to grab books, work on computers and use the many tables to study during PowerHour. This seems to be Mrs. Reynolds’ home-away-from-home, because when she is not busy, she can be found helping students find books or working in her office.
Students can also see Mrs. Reynolds work during her library media and communications classes. This elective give students the opportunity to try things they would not do in a normal class setting, such as reading a young adult novel as an assignment or fly a drone to film an event.
Mrs. Reynolds is a self-proclaimed introvert, yet she is able to enthusiastically step in front of full classes and speak with ease. Students see Mrs. Reynolds most frequently during book talks, the time when she displays books she believes students would enjoy. This allows students who would not normally go to the IMC opportunities to see books that might interest them.
While other schools are losing librarians due to budget cuts, GHS’ librarian is so much more than that. She has become instrumental in the success of students — a true superhero.

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