Staffer experiences Dallas rodeo

I lean forward in my seat as the gate opened. The bull charged into the arena, cowboy on top of it. It jumped and twisted itself around, but the cowboy held tight, his right arm in the air. I waited for the fall. Five seconds. The cowboy kept his hold on the bull, and it did not look like he was going to let go anytime soon. Eight seconds. He passed the time required, but I still wait for the fall. Eleven seconds. The bull started to spin out of control, and the cowboy rolled off. I look up at the timer, releasing the breath I did not know I was holding. Thirteen seconds.
The rodeo at Fort Worth was an amazing experience. It started out with the whole arena going dark. Dramatic music started to play, and a single spotlight appeared on a bull in the arena. Then, the competition began. Bull riding was first on the list.
I had seen videos of people bull riding before, but nothing really compares to watching it live. Cowboys were tossed off bulls left and right. I thought that eight seconds was really short for the required time to place, but I realized immediately that it was a long time when the first rider was knocked off in three seconds. While I was watching, I realized how much strength it would require to stay on the bull. Television really does not do it justice, so it was crazy to watch.
Next up was calf roping. It was slightly terrifying at first, seeing the calves being pulled to the ground by a rope around their necks. I thought the cow was dead when the first cowboy pushed it to the ground. The cow would not get up. After figuring out the cows would be fine, I was able to watch the roping in entertainment and not in fear for the poor cow.
Barrel racing was probably my least favorite out of the three. It was exciting but not as exciting as the other events. Many of the racers got disqualified because their time was too long or they knocked over barrels. I am sure it was challenging but just not as interactive.
Between events, the rodeo clowns were out in the middle of the arena, entertaining the crowd. They invited people from the audience for a dance competition, and they invited two different age groups of children to come into the middle of the arena. The children chased down a calf and a sheep to retrieve a sign hanging off of the animals.
Overall, the rodeo was a highly entertaining, fun experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning on going to Texas.

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