Sia spreads holiday cheer with ‘Everyday is Christmas’

s year the amazing pop artist Sia released her own Christmas album titled, “Everyday is Christmas.” The album features 10 songs full of the Christmas spirit.
The album has a definate pop sound to it and describes what the holidays mean to her specifically but also what they mean for others. It is rather short for an album, clocking in at approximately 30 minutes. While the album already has the overall them of the holidays, each song has a different meaning as well as also keeping similar themes throughtout.
The album kicks off with “Santa’s Coming for Us,” which is an upbeat song reminiscent of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” On this song, Sia talks about the joys of Chirstmas and the emotions it enduces into the hearts of people. The song peaked at No. 56 on the Billboard US Top 100 Holiday Songs chart and also has a music video to accompany it.
The album continues its cheerful tempo on the following song “Candy Cane Lane.” This song discusses the idea of sharing the holdiays with a friend and Sia’s love for Candy Canes. Sia references all the different colors of Christmas lights they will see as well as mentioning everyone’s favorite reindeer, Rudolph. The song has an accompanying animated visual.
The album then takes a completely different turn as the tempo begins to slow down significantly for the “Snowman.” In this song, Sia uses the winter symbol, a snowman, as a metaphor for the man she loves. “I want you to know that I’m never leaving because I’m Mrs. Snow, til’ death we’ll be freezing,” Sia promises she will never leave his side. It is a really well-written song as listeners feel the heartbreak in Sia’s heart.
The transition into the next song is barely noticible when the album transitions into “Snowflake.” “Snowflake” keeps the same downtempo. This song shares Sia’s desire to protect her unique and fragile “snowflake” lover. She is desperate to keep her lover safe at any cost, even if it puts herself into harm’s way.
The album then picks up the pace again as we are led into “Ho Ho Ho.” It is difficult to deny the fact that this song is all about having fun. Sia is clearly dancing the night away with family and friends. She throws her cares in the back of her mind as she praises the little things about Christmas.
At this point in the album, we get a song that I was out of place with the theme of this album but is still good nonetheless. “Puppies are Forever” is unsurprisingly about the adorable little animals that people take for granted so often. That is truly what the song is about. The main point of this song is the fact that humans just consider dogs gifts nowadays, while their true value is overlooked. She urges people not just to look at puppies as toys but as souls with their own lives and feelings as well.
Track 8, titled “Sunshine” keeps a mellow tone as well as its predecessor. While the song does not have a clear meaning to me, it is about Sia asking her lover not to carry his own burden and to give her some of the workload. My thoughts of this album at this point was that throughout these songs Sia seems to repeat the statement that she will be with him through thick and thin and that he will not have to worry about a single thing when he’s got her by his side.
This melts into “Underneath the Mistletoe.” Here Sia swoons about waiting for her crush under the mistletoe and telling him to step on the gas because its Christmas. One question while listening to this song was wondering if this album is a holiday one or a romantic one.
We then are introduced to the title track of the album “Everyday is Christmas.” With “Everyday is Christmas with you by my side,” Sia describes sitting by the open fire in his arms. She really expresses her feelings during this time, reciting that he is the “joy in her holiday song”.
The album comes to a close on Track 10, “Underneath the Christmas Lights.” On this grand finale, Sia questions whether it will snow for her or if she will feel the Christmas fire. She ends up not worrying about it because all she needs is her lover, and she knows that everything will work out.
Overall, I loved the album. Sia really provided the Christmastime energy while simontaneously detailing what is the most important thing about Christmas. This album was not materialistic in any form and was very true to human nature. It also had a fantastic balance between songs that were upbeat and celebratory and the ones that were slower. Since its release on Nov. 17, it has ascended to No. 3 on the Billboard chart, which in my opinion is really good for an album that is only one month old.

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