How to: Buy stocking stuffers

The holiday comes around every year, and every year people panic on what gifts to buy. Everyone tries to come up with these big extravagant presents; however, often times it is the little ones that bring the most joy. Perhaps the most underrated gifts are stocking stuffers.

When buying stocking stuffers, it is important to note that the most expensive item is not always the best way to go. For example, socks are always great stocking stuffers. They can be fuzzy, holiday themed, athletic or just regular socks because no matter what type, the recipient will find a time to wear them. Most people wear socks every day, especially in the winter; therefore, socks are always going to be great gift to give.

Small electronic gadgets are also gifts that always are be needed. Chargers and earbuds are like hair ties; it does not matter how many people buy, they always disappear. Phones have become a way of life, which means that chargers are constantly needed. Not only do phones need to be charged, but they also seem to die at the worst time. Gift givers can save the day with the purchase of portable chargers.

Less likely stocking stuffers include items that are needed every day. When thinking of a gift, people always try to give items the recipients do not have already; although this can be fun, there are many times when gifts go unused. In order to keep this from happening, a good gift can involve a restocking of what recipients already have. For example, Chap Stick and hair products are used every day but are still fun to renew. Although it is a more likely gift, lotion and body spray are also great products to restock.

People are trying to constantly outdo each other and give better gifts each year; however, the best gifts are those that are actually used.

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