Challenging classes offered at GHS

Every student knows how it feels to take a difficult class, whether difficult because of the workload or the subject itself.

From freshman year to senior year, students struggle in certain classes but must learn to overcome these challenges.

Physics and Physics 2 are common courses that students struggle with. Offered to both juniors and seniors, Physics classes are taught by Mr. Rich Perry and require motivation and diligence.

“Physics 2 is my most challenging class because we discuss harder physics topics and go more in depth than Physics 1. It’s also really project-oriented, which is great because I actually get to think about things in different ways, but it’s different from the classroom environment where I usually thrive,” senior Max Miller said. “I just have to come to class prepared and study for the quizzes. You have to try your best on the projects and do what Perry asks, which is advice I would tell anyone who is thinking about taking Physics 2.”

Foreign languages also pose a challenge to some students. Spanish 3 and French 3 are the highest level classes students can enroll in this year. There is future potential for an additional year in both of these languages to be offered provided enough students are interested.

“Spanish 3 is definitely my hardest class. It’s difficult for a lot of people; I think that’s because we focus more on conjugating verbs and learning verb tenses,” junior Olivia Franklin said. “Garcia is a very hard teacher but he knows how to make you learn something. He doesn’t slack and he tries lots of different ways to help you understand. He helps us with it, but it’s just a very difficult class all together.”

Another class offered to upperclassmen is Bio 2. Senior Bre Imel is aware of the challenges but adapts to understand the class better.

“A lot of times I go in to talk to Gearhart during Powerhour. Powerhour is very useful for that,” Imel said. “I have a lot of friends who are really smart so I refer to them, and I use Quizlet to help study for the class.”

Some of the struggles in these classes are simply time gaps between similar classes.

“Gearhart’s a really good teacher; it’s just hard to follow sometimes. Some of it is review from Bio 1, and I took Bio 1 three years ago. It’s hard to catch up, and I feel like I have to study Bio 1 and Bio 2 to understand what’s going on,” Imel said.

Other students know their struggles and are willing to push through them, such as junior Evan Chandler, whose hardest course is Physics.

“I’ve never been a math and science person; I’ve always been more English and history,” Chandler said. “I’ve never been good at science. It really got bad with Chemistry, but even before that – even in eighth grade – I’ve always had an issue with it.”

Sometimes, it comes down to studying hard and paying attention.

“I try to study as hard as I can and I ask questions in class. Garcia always explains stuff to us, like if we have a story to read he’ll help us. He also tells us what’s going to be on a test or quiz that way we can prepare,” Franklin said.

Students have just reasons for taking harder classes, whether it is for general curiosity or in preparation for their future.

“I actually want to major in biology and become an OB/GYN, so I need to persevere and get through this,” Imel said. “If you take this class, you’re definitely going to have to study. Study gradually not all at the same time because it will help you.”

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