New Coffee Shop Opens in IMC

Today’s society often revolves around late nights and early mornings, and coffee has become a welcome pick-me-up to fuel the day. With this in mind, the IMC has opened a new coffee shop called the Nook.

So far, the shop consists of a Keurig, cream, sugar and styrofoam cups.

“Most of our things are already in containers, so it’s just setting up and warming up and going,” Julia Reynolds, IMC specialist said.

The Nook had a decent first morning in business and more customers after lunch.

“We sold 52 cups of coffee on our first day,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

Students Senior Kameron Buennagel, Senior Lanie Leininger and Senior Olivia Weston brewed up this idea.

“I was like ‘You know what could go into that corner over there?’ It was just empty shelves at the time, and I said, ‘A coffee shop,” Kameron Buennagel said. “I was like ‘everyone has coffee in the morning why not have the school sell the coffee and make some money off of it.”

They brought the idea to Mrs. Reynolds, and the idea took off from there.

“We were kind of joking at first, but when we brought it up to Mrs. Reynolds she thought it was a pretty good idea,” Lanie Leininger said.

The funds from the Nook initially will go back into the shop, and it will eventually start giving a share of its profits to improve library atmosphere with furniture and related items.

“For most of this year, the money is going back into the coffee shop, but any extra profits we have after that go into library purchases,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

As for the future, the Nook people are focusing on improving their current shop.

“We might eventually do hot tea, and we will probably try to add in something seasonal like apple cider,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

The shop also may employ students who would run and operate the shop and receive some sort of reward for their efforts.

“I’m interested in thinking that students could be paid to use that money towards something school-related. If you’re going on a class trip and you need money or if you can’t afford a yearbook or if you can’t afford a graduation gown, maybe you could work in the Nook, and the money that you make could be used towards that,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

The Nook is open on Fridays this semester, but this is subject to change.

“The goal would be to have it open at least two days a week next semester,” Mrs. Reynolds said. “I would love for it to branch out into the library a little more to where there is shop-type seating and maybe a little more professional setup.”



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