Students pack schedule with out-of-school sports

Fishers Figure Skating Club The sports’ schedule is jammed packed between practices, camps, games, and meets. Imagine if more sports were added.

From ice skating to parkour to dance, GHS students are involved in sports that our school does not offer. These students travel, pay, and dedicate many hours to their sport.

“I was a part of Elite Skating and the Fishers Figure Skating Club. I mainly practiced in Fishers, but I also went to Columbus, Carmel, Westfield, and Southport to practice or compete. I would practice whenever ice time was available for my groups. I would be at the rink for hours at a time and sometimes in summer I would be at the rink for 10 hours,” junior Sydney Scott said.

Junior Zach McCauley is an athlete of a young sport, parkour.

“My sport is parkour/free running. I first became interested from the videos I saw on Instagram and YouTube. One of my friends brought me to a gymnastics gym and we started training and practicing more and more,” McCauley said.

Junior Abby Jones participates in Dazzlers at GHS, but she also practices and competes at the Dance Company.

“I have been dancing for as long as I can remember and have always loved it. I practice 4 to 5 times throughout the week which adds up to 20 plus hours a week,” Jones said.

In- school athletes at Greenwood do not have to pay to play. Not only do out-of-school athletes have to find a place to practice, it also does not come free.

“Ice skating is so expensive. You have to pay fees to be a part of clubs, your coaches, your ice time, costumes, skates, tights, summer camps and all the costs that go into traveling, hotels, and food. Ice skating will definitely leave a dent in your bank account,” Scott said.

Out-of-school-athletes do not have the luxury of logging on to the cooperation webpage to see their schedules. Finding competitions to attend can be difficult for these athletes.

“It is definitely more difficult to find ways to compete since we don’t have parkour at our school,” McCauley said.

The competitions also do not always agree with the school schedule like in-school sports are.

“Every ice skating competition I went to was over the weekend. The in-state competitions weren’t really an issue, but I would usually have to miss school on Fridays or Mondays if the competition was out of state,’ Scott said.

Dance competitions come easier to Jones, but her schedules do not always agree.

“Competition season is rough. I have to miss school sometimes because we are so busy, and rehearsals are also really long too,” Jones said.

Many athletes would be interested in starting a team of their sport through the school if possible.

“I would really be interested and love to start a parkour team at Greenwood,” McCauley said.

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