Riverdale Season 2

Based on Archie Comics characters, Riverdale has taken teen drama to a whole new level. Riverdale was first released on Jan. 26and quickly climbed to the top. Ever since the end of Season 1 on May 11, loyal fans have been waiting for the return of Riverdale.

The series follows four teenagers’ lives in the small town and explores the evil hidden within the seemingly perfect town. Season 1 was filled with many surprises and plot twists that drew viewers in and always left them with wanting more. Season 1concluded with an unexpected shooting at the frequented Pop’s Diner.

“My favorite part of Season 1 was the plot twist at the end because I did not see it coming,” sophomore Kristen Sawin said.

Senior Hailee Martinez also enjoyed discovering the many secrets Riverdale had to offer. A secret that held strong through the majority of Season 1 was the identity of the murderer; however, as the season came to a close everything was revealed.

“My favorite part was watching all the secrets unfold, even from characters you would not expect,” Martinez said.

The series features a collaborative cast with familiar faces; however, certain characters quickly stole the show and became fan favorites. Jughead Jones, played by Cole Sprouse, is often seen as the most realistic character within Riverdale.

“My favorite character is Jughead because he makes decisions that I believe I would make in similar situations,” junior Cole Mahan said.

Although Sawin favors Veronica Lodge, Martinez agreed with Mahan.

“My favorite character is Jughead because there are some things that I can relate to with that character and I can understand how he comprehends things more than any other character,” Martinez said.

Season 1 was quickly put on Netflix for people who missed the episodes when they originally aired. Riverdale is frequently recommended as a must watch on Netflix.

“I had a lot of friends that told me I had to watch it because it was so good,” sophomore Joey Brazelton said.             As a result of the must watch Season 1, Riverdale’s Season 2 has flourished. With only a few episodes shown, Riverdale has once again pleased the loyal audience.

“I really like how Season 2 is darker and more serious right at the beginning because it makes you want to watch more,” Sawin said.

Riverdale viewers also have many predictions as to what Season 2 will hold.

“I predict a lot more family secrets to be uncovered as well as more betrayal within the main characters,” Martinez said.

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