How to: Black Friday shop

With stuffed stomachs and tired eyes, many brave the cold weather to take advantage of holiday sales.

Black Friday has been the day after Thanksgiving Day since 1952; however, for the past few years Black Friday has been extended to Thursday evening. The meaning of Black Friday is the official beginning of holiday shopping, but Christmas decorations and sales were in stores before October ended. Society is now in such a rush that although the holiday shopping starts early, Black Friday is more hectic than ever.

In order to shop efficiently, it is important to have a plan. For example, always expect there to be lines. It will be extremely rare to shop in a store on Black Friday that does not have a line. In order not to get caught up in the crowds of people waiting to buy items, designate someone to wait in the line as soon as everyone arrives. Once the designated person gets in line, the rest of the group can go and search for deals; however, it is important to allow the person in line to get a chance to shop so rotate people. Even if no one is successful at that store, it is better to be safe by having someone wait in line.

Over the years, stores have mastered advertisement. Before going to a store, look on line or in magazines at their sales. Stores will advertise their best sales. Doing this reduces the amount of time wasted looking for specific items. This also will help with deciding what stores to go to. Although Black Friday allows for a whole day of shopping, it goes quickly. Having a planned list of stores, will allow more time to shop.

Lastly, through the years Black Friday shoppers have become more dependent on the internet to do their shopping. Many people like the idea of getting holiday shopping done with good deals involved but do not find the crowds appealing. There is now a chance for those people to get their shopping done. Just like actual stores, it is important to have an idea of what items to look for. Although online shoppers do not have to worry about crowds and lines, they have to be conscious of the quantity of items even more than in store shoppers. Items sell out quickly in the stores but even quicker on the internet.

Over the years, Black Friday has evolved into a much more competitive day. In order to be a successful, safe shopper, it is beneficial to expect a crowd, always go with a plan, and have a fun group of people to shop with. Happy holidays and happy shopping.

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