Geostorm Movie Considered Natural Disaster

Recently, a movie called Geostorm hit theatres with high hopes from the box office. The film’s exciting plot of a network of high-tech satellites that regulate the earth’s weather suddenly going haywire and causing elemental havoc sounds exciting. After I saw it, however I realized that the movie I had just seen was the true natural disaster.

Geostorm is a weather-related action movie set in the not-too-distant future in which global warming has turned the weather much more destructive. Concerned for the fate of humanity, nations band together to create a system of satellites that use the basic elements of weather to neutralize vicious storms. China and America launch “Dutch Boy,” a large space station that controls all of the satellites. Years later, the program is going well with virtually all of the nations united in opposition of global warming. However, several suspicious isolated incidents and deaths involving the satellites suddenly appear, warranting an investigation by one of its main scientists, Jake (Gerard Butler). He discovers murder and government secrets as he struggles to solve this puzzle before the satellites malfunction – or worse.

The plot was well made, and it was interesting to see a movie that involves global warming, which is a serious and modern problem, but the overall execution was full of clichés. At the start, the plot involves a brash engineer who faces a panel of old government big wigs who seem to be dull and mean compared to the main character. The representation of government senators and officials as mean old men and women, seeking only personal recognition is one of the most overused clichés in the film industry. The film continues with more clichés, such as his young daughter who he leaves in tears after he promises he will return alive.

The special effects showing the extreme weather were interesting, but their placement crossed the line from odd to frankly stupid. For example, a large city in the desert experienced torrential floods, and a warm city beach was overrun with a blood-freezing blizzard. Others did not seem to be weather at all. In the movie, Moscow experienced a deadly wave of heat that turned out just to be a high-powered laser from a satellite. Not many people question the scientific probability of some of these weather events occurring, but this film will definitely generate some speculation.

In the end, the plot was interesting, and the actors were well-selected, but the overall execution gave this film a bad rating. If they, perhaps, focused more on the problems of global warming, this movie could generate interest as a political statement. As I was watching, it reminded me of an action movie from the early 2000s instead of a modern one.

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