Winter sports warm up

Friday Night Lights is coming to an end. No longer will students have to stand in the freezing rain to watch GHS athletes compete.

Winter sports include basketball, swimming, and wrestling.

“The girls basketball team is going to have a great year because we have been working on things like our transition defense, our aggressiveness, using more traps and just playing faster up and down the court,” junior Alex Kincaid said. “Leah Moore has stepped up a lot this year, especially when going for defensive rebounds. Bailee Taft has also done a lot to get us going through practice.”

The boys hope that the changes they made this offseason will lead to greatness.

“We actually made a lot of changes this year,” junior Devin Lester said. “We have a great new coaching staff, we have a better attitude and mindset toward our season, and we have great leaders this year. Our best players are probably Braydon Kincaid, Jeffrey Reynolds, and Eric Moenkhaus. They are great people to watch and learn from.”

The swim team is just as optimistic.

“We are going to be much more organized, especially since this is Hockersmith’s second year,” junior Caroline Marot said. “We are going to change our practice style a little bit by using some time to focus on long distance swimming and some time to swim less distance, but with higher intensity. We have three freshman coming from Gators that are going to be great once they get used to the high school season. Samantha Loudermilk will also be a force this year because of how many years she has trained.”

The wrestlers also see how their work will pay off this season.

“This year is going to be great for me because of how much time I put into this summer practicing and getting better,” junior Nick Wilham. “We have a lot more people, so that gives us more people to work with and practice against. I’m really hoping Jacob Schrader do well again.”

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