New student council sponsors appointed


With Ms. Lori Foster’s departure, Student Council was left without a sponsor for weeks, confused and disorganized.

After Homecoming, which is Student Council’s biggest responsibility, the sponsor announced her plan to move to Florida – something administration has been aware of since July. This came as a shock to many students as Ms. Foster was one of the most school-spirited and involved teachers at GHS.

“She never officially announced it until the week before she was going to leave. I had heard her talking about it for a while, and she made jokes about it last year. We all just kind of figured it out over time,” Abby Jones said.

A concern members of the club have is the loss of materials the former sponsor provided.

“One good thing that Foster had was that she was the art teacher she had a lot of connections and we ended up using a lot of the art supplies. I don’t know how that’s going to work now,” said Jones. “It makes me nervous for next year’s Homecoming,”

Due to the lack of a sponsor, Student Council had been on hiatus until last week.

“We actually haven’t been allowed to do anything since we don’t have a sponsor to guide us. Luckily, it hasn’t affected us too much because right after Homecoming we hit a rest time until we get to the Woodmen Pageant and graduation; that’s when things start picking back up – around mid-February. We will be okay without a sponsor,” Chloe Mattison, senior vice president said.

Members of the club have an idea of what characteristics a new sponsor should have to best support them.

“Ms. Foster was really good at making us feel like we had a say in stuff. She let us do our thing, and then told us what things wouldn’t work or what would work,” Mattison said. “I think someone who can look at us and give us the respect and the ability, materials, and the support – that’s what everyone’s looking for,”

Last Wednesday, it was announced that Mrs. Amanda Ratliff and Ms. Kara Miller, math teachers, will assume the positions as co-sponsors.

“I really just want to help the council members do what they want to do and be an adult to approve everything. I want to help them be as big or better than they want to be and to go from there,” Mrs. Ratliff said.

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