New season; new coaches

The girls and boys basketball teams will be going through a little change this year with new coaches coming in improve programs.

The boys basketball team has made a recent change to its staff with veteran coach of 28 years Bruce Hensley stepping down as the head coach and new coach Joe Bradburn taking the spotlight.

“I think this year will be rougher than the others just because now we have a new coach and we now have to adjust to a new system,” senior center Jeffery Reynolds said.

Coach Bradburn is a former friend of athletic director Rob Irwin and also has had experience coaching with Mr. Irwin.

“I’m excited for this year’s basketball season. I think we will have a lot more success this year than we have in the past because we have a great group of kids this year who have been working hard all summer and fall,” Coach Joe Bradburn said.

The boys are coming off a decent season from last year ending in the first round of Sectional they lost to Franklin Central.

“I believe this will be the best year we have ever had because getting a new coach brings new ideals and different systems that can better the team and me as an individual,” senior center Conner Battineau said.

The girls team recently made a change also with former head coach Lee Taft stepping down and replacing him with Mr. Torgerson

The girls basketball team is coming off of a rough season, losing in the first round of Sectionals to New Palestine.

“I really like the new coach. He always pushes us to do our best and really cares about all the girls,” senior forward Maggie Smith said.

Mr. Torgerson is a former English professor from St. Johns University.
“The reason I decided to come to Greenwood was because I really wanted to get back into coaching, and when I got a phone call from a former friend Rob Irwin about taking the job at Greenwood, I jumped right on it,” Coach Torgerson said.

The girls look to improve a lot from last year’s season, and many players said that this year could be the year.

“I will do whatever I can and do whatever I’m told to help the team succeed. I believe in Coach Torgersons ideals and have faith in what he teaches us. I know he will do whatever he can to help all of us succeed as basketball players and students,” junior guard Bailee Taft said.

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