Like father, like son

As Dom Battinau scored his last touchdown of his high school career, he never knew his son would be doing the same thing.

Many parents want their kids to participate in athletics in high school, some end up being really good at the sport there parents were so successful at in high school.

“I participated in wrestling and football in high school and would continue my football career for two more years at the University of Indianapolis,” Mr. Battineau said.

Dom’s son Conner Battineau would establish himself as one of the best players at Greenwood in the very sport his father had such success in.

“Football is definitely one of my favorite sports and it’s awesome to have a parent who competed at the same school and played college as coach, but I don’t think I’ll be continuing my football career after high school,” senior Conner Battineau said.

No matter what Conner does, his father will always be proud of him whether he plays football or not.

“I’m really proud of Conner. I’ve watched him his whole life and to see the man he has become today makes me the happiest father in the world,” Don Battineau said.

Many students tend to find other sports that suite them much better than what their parents did in high school.

Matt Rimer, the father of 3 time semi- state qualifier and successful track athlete Ian Rimer was a 4 year basketball player and 2 year football player at greenwood high school.

Mr. Rimer was a very successful basketball player at Greenwood playing under veteran coach Bruce Hensley and winning sectional his senior year.

“Winning sectional was definitely one of my most memorable moments in high school. Another favorite was hanging out with my teammates, because we would always go to each other’s houses and play basketball,” Mr. Rimer said.

Rimer’s son Ian Rimer played only one year of basketball before quitting to focus more on his running career.

“I’m fine with Ian not playing basketball. Granted I would like him too, but I see that he is really good at running and has had much success, so i will support him in whatever he does,” Mr. Rimer said.

Many athletes today have parents who were so successful at Greenwood that their names now reside on the woodmen hall of fame.

Matt Moan father of four year varsity goalie Maddie Moan was a very successful football player all four years at greenwood and was recognized by the school with his name being established in the woodmen hall of fame.

“Maddie I just like me in any way you look at it. She’s very competitive and doesn’t like to lose. I’m very proud of the woman and athlete she has become,” Mr. Moan said.

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