GHS’ Unsung Heros

They wipe blood and sweat off of football players’ faces. They wash dirty uniforms and wrestling mats. They fill countless needs of athletes and coaches. Athletic managers deserve to earn letters.

Managers, on average, spend 15 hours a week conquering tasks that the coaches and players do not want to do. This could include washing laundry, fixing equipment, bringing food and water, distributing game uniforms, filling random needs issued from coaches, and attending to fields, courts, and mats. These tasks can be boring and seem endless, but the athletic managers tackle these with smiles.

To me, a letter shows that a person put in more time and dedication than what is average. These managers are not average.

As a football player, I have seen first-hand how many hours and how much effort our managers put into athletic programs. I have needed them countless times, whether it be with broken equipment, dirty jerseys, lost kneepads, empty water bottles or sweat in my eyes. They handle all of these with ease, and sometimes notice that things are wrong before I do. I cannot imagine how many times a manager has told me to tuck in my jersey or get behind the sideline so the referee does not get on me about it. Most cannot even realize how important these managers are until they do not have them.

I believe managers should get letters because they spend just as much time and effort as the athletes do, just in different ways. I may spend an hour studying a scouting report while our managers may spend an hour washing our dirty, sweaty uniforms. GHS’ managers are instrumental for athletic success, and they deserve to be honored.

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