Don’t buy the brand

The fresh, shiny brand dazzles from a brand new pair of shoes. They are fantastic, but were they worth paying $80 for the label that comes along with it?

Do not get me wrong, I love my Nike and Converse as much as the other person. However, sometimes I think we are paying for the sticker on the side.

Adidas Superstar Fashion Sneakers are $79.60. Converse All Star Low Top Sneakers are $49.95. For $30 cheaper, someone can get a pair of generic, low-top sneakers for $19.99. I am paying for a circle sticker with a blue star on it. I know everyone is wearing designer shoes right now, but they should just buy a cheap pair of shoes and get over it. There are more things in life than wearing what everyone else is. Later in life, people are not going to remember all the brand name shoes worn, or the designer jacket someone had on. What people might remember is their parents being in so much debt after buying designer apparel that they had to start shopping at Walmart for the rest of their life.

Think about if a holiday is coming up. Usually, most stores have coupons and discounts seasonally. If someone is going to buy the brand name, they need to do it wisely and not waste their money on something that will be cheaper later.

I am not saying to not buy brand name apparel, it is okay to splurge sometimes. What I am saying is to be wise with decisions made, and to think about financials and sentimental value before purchasing something. Are parents buying the shoes? Students need to start asking their parents for a budget. This way, no one gets offended or feels hurt if the shoes are not affordable. If a students are buying brand name products with their own money, that is great, but they need to think about if their best friend have a birthday coming up. They should buy their friend an unforgettable birthday gift, not a pair of shoes the student will forget about and throw in a closet somewhere after a year. I know I am asking a lot, but students need to be wise and remember there are more important things in life than having the best pair of shoes.

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