Are athletes being robbed from recognition

The athletes stand in awe as their managers receives awards at their awards banquet without even having to break a sweat.

Sports managers are an integral part to athletics.  After all, a lot of sports could not thrive without the hard work put in by these managers.  However, to say that the managers do as much work as the athletes themselves is an exaggeration.

For one, the managers themselves do not necessarily need to tryout in order to be managers.  I have not met anyone who has had to show off skills in order to assume a managing position in athletics.  The fact of the matter is that managing a sport does not take that much skill to do as compared to doing the sport itself.  For example, I highly doubt that a football manager ensuring that every player has water is equivalent to the work put in by the football players themselves.  Now that is just an exaggeration to prove my point, but the facts are there.

Another point is that depending on the sport, managers are not always needed.  From my experience with having a manager on the swim team, they were there for practices but were not really needed during swim meets.  Now, that is not anybody’s fault, it is just how the sport itself is.  One of the main factors of getting a letter is attendance, so if the managers are not always required to be there, unlike the athletes, then they are not meeting the prerequisites for the awards.

Finally, if managers were allowed to letter, I feel like a lot of students would take advantage of this.  One thing that proves beneficial to college applications is sports.  Achieving a letter proves that a student is dedicated and can take initiative.  Due to this, if students can choose to be managers or athletes, they still get the same award either way, then the choice is obviously clear unless they are truly dedicated to sports.  As an athlete, I would not be happy if a manager got the same award for a different amount of work.

While I believe that managers should not receive varsity letters, I do believe that they should be recognized for their own hard work.

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