Senior makes impact in community

They say actions speak louder than words, and senior Andy Pollert is living that motto.

Pollert is a football player and an active member in Service Learning. Meanwhile, he has an appreciation for veterans and has organized multiple fundraisers to support them.

“I have many friends who have served, and a friend of mine’s father was killed in action in Iraq,” Pollert said.

He organized a Go Fund Me to collect money to buy a veteran a scooter to replace a damaged one.

“I met a man at an HVAF event and got to know him. He played football and then served and was injured in combat. He lost his wife and kids in a drunk driving accident and recently had to put down his dog. I found out somebody had tried to steal his scooter which messed it up. I started a Go Fund Me account and raised $785 to buy him a brand new one,” Pollert said.

Pollert did not stop there. His first project caught the community’s attention, and he was contacted to partner for another project to help veterans.

“A lady saw my project, and she contacted me and wanted to team up and do a drive to make boxes for vets and current service members. Her name is Marcie, husband is deployed and she is a vet herself. I asked for donations of hygiene products, food, clothes and games for the soldiers. We were able to make 115 boxes full of items,” Pollert said.

In the past, GHS students have organized fundraisers for their Senior Projects. Pollert’s projects have not been for a grade or credit but simply his own motivation to serve.

“I just do these projects on the side to keep myself humbled and not allow my ego to grow,” Pollert said.

These projects have taught Pollert about kindness and humility.

“I’ve just learned that we are so fortunate to be able to play football, spend time with our families and friends and so much more because of these soldiers and veterans. The least we can do is give back to them,” Pollert said.

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