GHS Journalism wins 12 Harveys

17 students. 12 Harvey awards. Six on-site competitions. One captivating journalistic experience.

This year at the Indiana High School Press Association’s fall convention, GHS’s journalism program was awarded 12 Harvey awards for writing, design and photography.

Timberlines photographer Carly Bridges received two first place Harvey awards from the 2016-2017 school year.

“I was not expecting to win those two awards because I only entered into the sports action photo category. Ms. Roberts entered me in the portfolio competition, and I ended up getting first place in both, which is awesome,” said the junior.

Every student who attends has his own unique reason for going.

“I wanted to get to get a better understanding of what I want to do when I graduate and what I want to study when I go to college,” senior broadcast member Ariana Lovitt said. “I wanted to hear from people who are professionals in that career field.”

The convention offered classes led by journalism professionals and educators to expand on the knowledge of high school journalism students.

“I learned new ways to capture people with photography and how to be a leader. Also, I’ve never been big with design and one of the classes really taught me a lot about that so now I have a lot of ideas for next year,” said junior yearbook staff member Olivia Franklin.

One feature of the convention was on-site competitions that challenged students in their designated fields. Many of the competitions were based around social media and coverage, as that was emphasized this year by IHSPA.

“It definitely was a challenge. I’d do it again just because it was a good experience. I’m glad I’m able to say I did a competition. I tried my hardest and whatever happens happens,” said Franklin.

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