Looking into Thanksgiving traditions

I can see it, the golden brown deliciousness staring right at me just waiting for me to dig in. I have been waiting so long I am sure I can hear it gobbling again; it is taunting me.

Thanksgiving is the time when traditions are made with families gathering to enjoy delicious food and one another’s company.

“Our family’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition is a tad different than most other families. The past two years instead of having a huge dinner for everyone, our family gathers and flies to Mexico to partake in a build with Homes of Hope with a team of 60 to build multiple houses for people in need,” senior Morgan Eastling said.

The Eastling family started this tradition last year and plan to carry it out for generations of Eastlings.

“Rather than having a normal tradition like we have done in the past, this allows us to see how much we are giving back to others. Mission work is one of my passions, and it really does monumental things for my family and for those in need. I plan on carrying this out with my future family because it’s so humbling seeing you change a person’s life for the better,” Eastling said.

Thanksgiving is not just all about traditions and food; it is about the memories made with those who mean the most.

“My favorite memory from past Thanksgivings would have to be playing pool with my Grandpa J in the basement each year on Thanksgiving Day. It’s good bonding time, especially with someone I look up to,” senior Logan Roddy said.

The memories of past-to-current holiday traditions are what you will remember your whole life and to be able to pass those memoires to your future family is something to cherish.

“My Thanksgiving memory I will always remember is eating buckeyes with my family and watching the football games that are on that day. Football is a big deal in my family so it’s nice that we can all get together and enjoy it with one another,” senior Jake Patton said.

A Thanksgiving tradition that seems to sprout throughout families are double Thanksgivings. Many families have two sometimes three different get togethers and each one is different than the other.

“Usually I have two Thanksgivings, one with my mother’s side and one with my father’s side. I enjoy getting together with both sides of my family, but my mom’s side is just a little more up there. My mom’s family is just more rowdy and outgoing, and there is always a lot more food at my mother’s than my father’s side,” Roddy said.

Many students get multiple opportunities to have more than one Thanksgiving. Some enjoy the fact that they get more than one dinner, other students may prefer to have the one Thanksgiving and that be it.

“Because my parents are divorced, I have three Thanksgivings, one with my mom’s side, dad’s side, and step grandparents. What’s different about each one is just the amount of people that show up. My dad’s is my favorite though because each year we have a family competition of monopoly, which is super fun and competitive. Those who don’t want to play normally will sit around eating their dinner and either will be having conversations with everyone or watching something on the TV,” senior Ashlyn Wright said.








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