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Student volunteer opportunities

With the holidays in full swing and hearts in the giving spirit, many students want to give back to the community by volunteering. Students who volunteer regularly leave feeling fulfilled. “This past summer I started working at a hospital in post-partum with the babies and mothers,” sophomore Lorelai Gilmore said. “From this experience, I’m a lot more thankful for what

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Students pack schedule with out-of-school sports

Fishers Figure Skating Club The sports’ schedule is jammed packed between practices, camps, games, and meets. Imagine if more sports were added. From ice skating to parkour to dance, GHS students are involved in sports that our school does not offer. These students travel, pay, and dedicate many hours to their sport. “I was a part of Elite Skating and the

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Geostorm Movie Considered Natural Disaster

Recently, a movie called Geostorm hit theatres with high hopes from the box office. The film’s exciting plot of a network of high-tech satellites that regulate the earth’s weather suddenly going haywire and causing elemental havoc sounds exciting. After I saw it, however I realized that the movie I had just seen was the true natural disaster. Geostorm is a

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