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Alone in her bedroom, her iPhone 7 propped on the window sill, coffee in hand and a smile on her face, sophomore Faith Surface presses record and begins to film her weekly YouTube video.

Each Monday, Surface films, edits and uploads a new YouTube video to her channel, Faith Carolyne; each video is different yet contains a common goal.

“I started a YouTube channel mainly because I wanted an outlet to reach out to people and share Jesus with people,” Surface said. “I didn’t know how to, but I felt like I had to share Jesus with as many people as possible. Social media was such a big deal, and most people have social media, so I thought it was the easiest and fastest way to spread Jesus to everyone.”

Surface’s uploads are typically vlogs, singing videos, routine videos, or other life-style videos.

“My channel is all about day-to-day life,” Surface said. “Sometimes, I post vlogs, and sometimes I post sit down videos. It ranges from all different types of videos–whatever I’m feeling.”

Surface began her channel approximately six months ago with the same inspirations and motivations that continue to drive her channel today.

“I got and continue to get my inspiration from other YouTubers, like Alexandrea Garza and Aspyn Ovard,” Surface said. “Also, I get inspiration from the encouraging comments I receive from people like, ‘Oh I watched your video, and it was super encouraging.’ That shows me that I’m reaching people, it’s working, and God’s doing His thing.”

Her viewers, a few of which she was already friends with, like how she has combined her beliefs with her channel.

“I think it’s fun to film and edit videos, and the fact that she chose to share what she believes while doing that is really cool,” freshman Tiffy Carlson said. “I like what she stands for. It’s also really encouraging for me, and her videos are really entertaining to watch. My favorite videos of hers are her routine videos and her videos where she just chats; she calls them Faith and Coffee Talks.”

Faith and Coffee Talks, a new series on her channel, has given Surface the opportunity to speak about the most important topics to her; the title, Faith and Coffee Talks, has a deeper meaning than what simply meets the eye.

“My family will get together on Sundays and sit around to sip black coffee while we chit-chat and catch up,” as Surface said on her channel. “So in a lot of ways, coffee doesn’t just represent coffee. To me, it represents family, it represents my heritage, it represents me and it represents a lot of the things I love. Also, it’s literally and figuratively Faith Coffee Talks; I’m Faith, I’m the one that will be talking, and, in these videos, we will be talking about faith.”

Surface has support from her friends, some of which have been in her vlogs, videos that portray one’s life.

“I watch her channel because she gives inspirational talks; she’s also my best friend, and I support her,” Reuter said. “I really like her channel. She’s always asked me my opinion about different ideas for vlogs, which are what she mostly films, and I’ve been in a couple of her vlogs before. I think they’re fun, because I like to see other people’s lives.”

Although the entire process, which takes approximately 30 minutes to film and edit, is enjoyable to Surface, finally uploading her content is the most rewarding to her.

“The process of seeing it all coming together and then finally seeing it posted is my favorite part, because there’s this relief of ‘oh it’s finally done,” Surface said.

From her initial two views per video about six months ago to the now 200 views per video, Surface’s channel has grown; she hopes to continue her channel’s growth in addition to her Instagram’s growth.

“The plan for the future of my channel is just to keep it growing,” Surface said. “I also have an Instagram, the username is faith.carolyne, which is like a blog. My goal is to just keep up with and spread that more so that Jesus is spread more.”

Reuter has faith that Surface’s channel will become successful in the future.

“It’s actually very cool being friends with a YouTuber, because I watch YouTube a lot,” Reuter said. “I know that one day she’s going to make it big, and I’m going to be able to say, ‘Wow, I know her.”

To keep up with Surface, subscribe to her YouTube channel, Faith Carolyne, and follow her on Instagram @faith.carolyne.

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