On the hunt for a new industrial technology teacher

Recently, the GHS staff lost an industrial technology teacher, leaving the students in the class somewhat confused. Thankfully, the school is hard at work in finding the replacement.

“The process is discussed daily,” Assistant Principal Craig Bruns said. “The search for candidates and the search for the possible ideas on how to remedy the situation, both in the short term and the long term, are being discussed very frequently.”

The process of replacing a teacher for a school corporation is relatively simple. It involves the school watching colleges and other outlets in the state for graduates looking for the work in a high school setting with the skills that are required for that job.

“Mr. Garrison has called almost all of the colleges around here and asked if they know anybody” Karen Busch, assistant principal, said. “We talked to people at C9 because it’s more of a tech class, and we go around to colleges and advertise on our website.”
Until the post is filled, the staff is doing its best to give the students a sense of consistency in the classroom. Presently, Rick Guipe is the substitute for the class.

“It’s always good to have consistency, especially with the sub, that they see the same person and that they get to know the students, they know what they did on previous days, and what their assignments are, so it’s always difficult for a substitute teacher to come in and not even be aware of the situation,” Todd Garrison, principal, said.
It is going to be harder to get a new Industrial Technology teacher. Largely due to the fact that college graduates in Industrial Technology education are not as common as they were in the past.

“The conflict with engineering and technology education is that a lot of the teachers my age are near retirement and there is very few new teachers coming out of college, so there is a shortage of us,” Jim Trocha, industrial arts teacher, said.

In the end, the process in finding a new teacher will be long and hard. Although the staff has early in the process, they are hard at work to ensure the students are getting the best quality of education available.

“Mr. Garrison has spoken with several [colleges] recently, Indiana State is one that has produced quality candidates in this field,” Craig Bruns, assistant principal, said. “He is calling several of the other state schools that have this type of program.”
With Mr. Trocha being involved with two classes, things might get a bit complicated. However, the school is coping well with this by way of teachers and teacher assistants.
“I have kids in one class that are working, and I have T.A.’s that are helping me help the students and then I go in and check in on the other class to make sure everything’s on task,” Mr. Trocha said.

Right now, the school is focused on the needs of the students. Consistency and the quality of education available to the students is very important to the administration.

“The students are handling it quite well. The kids are covered which is Mr. Garrison’s worry, and that’s my worry. Everything is getting handled pretty well,” Mr. Trocha said. “A letter went out to the parent and students that were affected to let them know what was going on and what the school was going to do.”

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