Cross country runners ready for County meet

Next Saturday, the boys and girls cross country teams will compete in their County meets at Franklin Community.

“Some of our biggest competitors—Center Grove, Franklin, and Southport—will be competing in our County race. The entire team is very eager to run,” junior Joshua Alfrey said.

To start off the season, the runners placed 6th at Trition’s Early Bird invitational meet on Aug. 14. In Mooresville, the team placed first overall on Aug. 22.

“The season has been going pretty well so far. The whole team has been training very hard, and I have been noticing everyone’s improvement from reaching better times and placings, so I am optimistic for County,” sophomore Mallory Watson said.

Last year at the County race, the boys team placed 3rd and the girls placed 4th. The runners are hoping to improve their times and placings.

“Last year at County, I feel like our team did pretty well. This year we have improved a lot, so I hope that the team and I can improve our time. Although I would like our team to be the top, the only things that truly matter is the improvement on our times and whether or not we are having fun,” Alfrey said.

Both teams are loaded with seniors.

“This season is definitely different from previous seasons. This year we are graduating 7 seniors and five of them are the top varsity runners. We all know this is our last cross country season, so we want to do the best we have ever done before leaving high school,” senior Ethan Pine said.

According to a few of the runners, this season is different. Rather than running several miles every day for practice, the coaches have incorporated swimming

“We have not been running as much. We are more in the pool or stretching to keep our bodies from being tight from when we run. We do need to be running a lot, but this year we are definitely off as feet more,” Watson said.

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